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Restaurant and Healthy Foods

Restaurants are usually associated with junk foods and this line of thought is largely true in most cases. However, as more and more people are becoming health-conscious, they are moving towards healthy foods and a similar approach is also seen on the supply side due to which restaurants providing healthy and nutritious foods are growing in number. Salads and green vegetables are getting more popular in the regular diet. Various new meals and diet plans are being recommended by health experts and dietitians all across the world.

There is a good scope for getting started in this sector as there is less competition and the number of customers is growing. Getting started early in this sector can yield good profits. If one searches for healthy food serving restaurants in his town/city, then one can find that there will be very few restaurants in this sector which gives a clear cut idea of the potential in this niche. It is also a good time to set up green restaurant chains as the competition is close to none in this emerging sector. As this sector is in its initial stages, therefore one can easily convince angel investors and funding groups to invest in this sector.

The setup and operating costs for this sector is also low as compared to traditional restaurants because the food menu served in such restaurants do not require much complex preparation methods. As this niche is fairly new, hence it will be easy to gain word-of-mouth publicity for such restaurants which will lower down the marketing costs which is usually needed for a traditional restaurant. Such restaurants can also tie-up with other health-related groups and institutions for cross-promotion and mutual growth. People visiting dietitians, fitness clubs, yoga studios and gyms are the best groups to target for this niche.

Promoting such restaurants through Google ads can be a very successful strategy because the pay per click rates on Google search are determined by competition and since the competition is virtually non-existent, so you can promote your restaurant at a low cost and budget. You can target various combinations of long-tail keywords related to your town/city for getting targeted customers to your business. Further, by focusing on long-tail keywords, you can further lower the pay per click rates because long-tail keywords are comparatively cheaper than broad keywords. Alternate advertising options for such restaurants can be Facebook ads and Bing ads.

The target demographics for healthy food serving restaurants are millennials’ in populated cities/towns. The growing demand for organic foods worldwide is an indication of changing food habits. The popular phrase “Early bird catches the worm” holds true in almost all businesses and therefore it is the right time to get started with a healthy restaurant. Such restaurants can also provide more revenue to the local farmers as they can source fresh and organic vegetables and fruits from these farmers thereby boosting the income of these farmers.

Some people argue that the concept of healthy restaurants is nowhere close to the competition provided by fast-food restaurants. Though this argument is true to some extent, a basic point that is missed in this argument is that there are a lot many restaurants providing fast foods and therefore the potential revenue from such restaurants is low as compared to this new class of healthy food offering restaurants. Getting more customers from a small niche is better than getting less customers from a broad and popular niche. Further, there is much room for expansion of such restaurants in new localities which enhances its revenue potential.

Healthy restaurant chains like Sweetgreens and Lyfe Kitchens have proved that this concept has a promising future. A well-formulated business plan is key to running any business and therefore choosing the finer aspects like location, menu, branding and promotion are important in successfully operating a healthy food restaurant. Overall, it can be said that healthy food restaurants are a great investment and they can unleash good income for people who make the decision to open a healthy food restaurant. The local laws and regulations related to opening restaurants may differ from region to region and therefore one must carefully study such rules and regulations before opening such a restaurant.